Eakub A. Khan, CPA has been my trusted financial advisor for over seven years. His experience and knowledge about my industry is impeccable. Eakub has managed my medical practice’s financial and compliance needs exceptionally. As a medical doctor, I am preoccupied with running my practice. It’s difficult for me to understand and absorb information regarding the regulatory environment of my industry. Without Eakub’s knowledge and expertise, it would be difficult for me to focus on my practice, I would have to set aside extra time to understand and comply with the regulations. His assistance has enabled me to utilize a majority of my time to the skills that I possess and devout more time to my expertise. Eakub is constantly available to answers my questions and guides me to improve my business. Knowing that I have Eakub as my CPA, I feel confident and satisfied as a client.

Trusted financial advisor

Suman Choudhury, Doctor

I have known CPA Eakub A. Khan for many years in a professional and personal manner. His work ethic and demeanor towards me and my referrals resonates positively. Eakub’s knowledge of my various business’s which are spread out in the wholesale and retail industry is amazing. His simple approach helps me understand and manage my business efficiently. Eakub’s communication with me is flawless. Every time, I reach out to him with any problems, he responds with assuring resolutions. With many of my businesses, I need a person like him than can make me feel confident and assured with my management and operating actions. My partners and friends share the same feeling towards him as I have described. Eakub’s advice over the years has saved me from many stressful situations. His adherence to detail and ability to understand my issues has enabled me to concentrate on operating my many business without any sort of worry. Without Eakub on my side, I strongly feel that I would not have been successful with my businesses. His extraordinary service and commitments to clients like me deserves an A++ rating. -

Amazing, Flawless

MD Bilal Chowdhury

A quick consultation enabled me to gain valuable insight to my business that I had been running for many years. Eakub A. Khan, CPA has been one of my best adviser, helping me maximize my business. After graduating from Columbia University in 2009, I opened my tutoring business (Bobby-Tariq Learning Center) located in Jackson Heights, New York, with couple of students and now I have over 300 students seek assistance through my business. I had knowledge about utilizing my skills but I was a novice at operating a business. My knowledge about fiscal and compliance matters relating to operating a business was at a preschool level. In other words, I had no clue about running a business. My tax returns were prepared incorrectly and I was having a difficult time with banks obtaining loans to grow my business. Mr. Khan’s financial and managerial advice rescued my business and enabled me to receive financing to grow my business. His constant availability to assist me with any situation that I encounter with my business and personal finance’s has been extremely helpful. My recommendation for him is unconditional. I can extremely attest to his knowledge and expertise for businesses that are trying to grow legitimately in a short period of time. Eakub A. Khan, CPA has been an asset to my life and helpful in hazardous situations.

Rescued my business

Kukhon Uddin, CEO